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Beauty can often be equated with happiness and a sense of well being. We are beautiful when we feel confidence in ourselves and know in our hearts that we are lovely. We are also beautiful when we feel loved and cherished. True beauty is a state of mind.

It is important therefore not just to pamper our skin or hair but also to cultivate our sense of self worth. That can be done by reading a good book, going for a leisurely walk perhaps, enjoying a slow bath, or by going for a little shopping expedition. We can get an interesting haircut or take off to a mountain resort. Anything that makes us feel good serves to enhance our beauty.

Apart from doing little things for ourselves we need to also think long term. We need to take good care of our bodies, get good sleep, eat healthy food, and try to create a natural and wholesome environment around us. We cannot help but notice that our faces appear more luminous and unlined when we have had a good rest and are not bogged down by stress.

We must avoid using harmful makeup, even harsh chemicals at our homes. Developing a healthy self-image is essential. It means not obsessing about our weight and going for crash diets etc. Such rash decisions ruin our health and charm.

Beauty lies in the eyes of our friends and loved ones. They love not just our unwrinkled visages or shiny hair but also our inner qualities and convince us that we are attractive. Surrounding ourselves with people who appreciate us and suffuse us with positive energy is vital for it helps us to realize our own value.

Lastly, we should also listen to our own voices. Our hearts will tell us precisely why we are feeling down and neglecting ourselves and how we can alter such situations. Nothing can undermine our beauty if we are conscious of our desires and needs and take the time to take care of ourselves.


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