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My Brand New Baby!

BABY 003


When it comes to my little guy, I can lose myself in a flurry of superlatives. He is nothing less than perfection for me. I had known that I would love my son but I had not anticipated this overwhelming feeling of warmth. I had not thought that I would veritably drown in a sea of soft emotions and complete adoration. Since the very moment he looked at me with his big round baby eyes, I was completely taken.

When he looks at me, nothing else exists. When he smiles, the day turns brighter. When he laughs,  no sound is sweeter.  When he holds my hand tightly with his little fingers, I feel that I could give up the whole world for him.

His cute little nose, his dimpled legs, his soft round tummy, his unruly tresses, his sweet sweet mouth… every little thing gives me a reason to watch him with unblinking absorption. I can look at him and daydream for hours. And did I mention the lovely baby smell?

Even when he sleeps quietly, he occupies my thoughts. I wonder at the miracle of a human being who is born of my own flesh and blood. How could I have helped create someone so beautiful? I look at him and silently thank the heavens for sending me a gift so very precious and enchanting. And oh so sweet!

I never thought that a mere glimpse of my son’s innocently trusting face would be enough to revivify me after a particularly tiring day. I did not know that one tiny person could hold so much sway over me. I never expected to sing paeans of my child but now I want to do so without shame.

I have begun to realize that motherhood is as absorbing, as demanding, as fascinating, and as rewarding as it is said to be.


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