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Capacity for Cruelty

Recently, I came across a video about a dog named Baby. She was rescued by her present owner from a puppy mill where she had been kept in a cage for nine whole years as a sort of a breeding machine. This is the story of many other dogs like Baby. They are just kept alive to reproduce at every heat cycle and their puppies are sold over the internet or at pet stores. And after they are unable to reproduce anymore, they are either shot or starved to death.

After Baby was rescued, one of her legs had to be amputated because she had developed severe osteoporosis during her captivity. She had never been let out of her tiny cell, leave alone allowed to play or exercise outside. Even her vocal chord had been severed so that her whines and cries would not disturb the owners of the puppy mill. Baby now has a loving home but her sad eyes and permanent silence cannot fail to tell of her horrible past.

I was also reading about a poor stray dog that was shot forty times in the head with a pellet gun. Her limbs and snout had also been tied up and she was buried alive in the dirt up to her face.  Luckily, she was rescued and she survived the unimaginably terrible ordeal. The unknown assailant who satisfied his murderous urges on a hapless creature is still at large and will probably never face justice.

Such abominable happenings truly make me despair for humanity. Who are these psychopaths, cowards, and sadists among us? What kind of a person takes pleasure in inflicting pain on a loving, kind, and loyal animal?

Cruelty towards human beings is bad enough but something about animal abuse touches me on the raw. Maybe because animals are so helpless and dependent on us. Maybe because they do not have the words to voice their distress.

I come to know about so many atrocities everyday that I have become somewhat jaded. Indifferent to the sufferings around. But every once in a while something occurs that shocks even my inattentive, listless soul. And makes me ponder about our great capacity for malevolence and barbarity.

Is there no hope?



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